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Greenlight is a collaborative group of communities focused on marketing the region’s most logistically strategic sites and resources. This approach ensures that you have a single source to greenlight your investment in West Michigan.

Seven Partners. One Goal.

Your link to West Michigan’s logistics network.

Created in 2011, Greenlight brings together West Michigan’s most logistically strong communities under one goal; build awareness of the region’s logistics resources and create a single point of contact for companies looking to invest in West Michigan. Greenlight partners include: Kent County, City of Grand Rapids, City of Kentwood, City of Wyoming, Cascade Charter Township, City of Muskegon, and Muskegon County.


Why engage Greenlight?

  • Connections to local and regional logistics service providers
  • Advice on local, regional and state tax incentives and other financial programs
  • Expertise on logistics-related zoning and other business regulations
  • Private tours and in-depth analysis of available properties and sites
  • Connections to local and regional supply chain manufacturers and resources

Whether you’re looking to expand or relocate your business, Greenlight and West Michigan has the resources and support you need to succeed.

Let us guide your business to its next chapter of success in West Michigan. Our cross-functional team of partners are experts in economic development, incentives, logistics management, zoning and more. West Michigan’s abundant business resources are here to fuel your success. Reach out and ignite the process today., or (616) 771-0325

How Greenlight works.

In 2012, West Michigan received the fifth and final “Next Michigan Development Corp.”, a designation that opens a new slate of economic development tools. Businesses that locate within a “Greenlight district” are able to take advantage of additional development assistance and support.

To qualify, multi-modal transportation management must play a critical role in the success of the business. The two, or more, modes of transportation may include air, rail, deep-water port, and road logistics.

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